Universal Tuning Assistant

  • One Person, Working Alone, Can Tune An Entire Organ. Because you can control the console from the chambers there is no need for an assistant to press keys or change stops on the console.

  • Wireless Technology Eliminates Cables. The Tuning Assistant employs wireless technology, so you are not encumbered by cables from the chamber to the console or organ.

  • Compact Form Factor. The Tuning Assistant uses a small fob (like the remote control you use to open your garage door) to turn stops on and off and play notes.

  • Works with Many Control Systems. The Tuning Assistant is designed to operate with any organ that provides a MIDI External Sequencer Out and MIDI In port for the purposes of record and playback.

  • Self Training. After connecting the Tuning Assistant to the Sequencer Out port of an organ, turn the stops on and off one at a time. As you turn each stop on, the Tuning Assistant learns and remembers for future use how to turn the stops on and off and play notes. This is a one-time process.

  • The Tuning Assistant Holds Configurations of Many Organs Simultaneously. The Tuning Assistant can maintain in its memory the configurations of a number of organs simultaneously. Each organ, of course, may be controlled by a different control system.

  • Store Organ Configurations on a PC. The Tuning Assistant has a USB port through which you may upload and download organ configurations as required.