Our Advantages

IOTI has the organizational depth, unmatched customer service
and advanced product quality to be your best accompanist.


What makes our products and service the best is the unmatched technical depth and breadth of our in-house team. The quality and depth of the team is paramount to the delivery of a world class product, high quality service and exceptional reliability and longevity.


We bring modern technology widely adopted in other industries to the pipe organ. Virtuoso is the most feature-rich pipe organ control system currently available. Its fundamental architecture will be upgradeable for as long as there is an electronics industry.


Our depth of support, technical capabilities and commitment to customer service are second to none. Our experienced team of engineers, implementation technicians, support staff and vendors, is always available to assist with any need you may have.

Our Products

The original Virtuoso pipe organ control system was the first fully-integrated pipe organ control system in history. We’ve since extended our technology into uncanny POVE digital voices and an amazing Universal Tuning Assistant.